Articles by Antietam Rangers

Here, you can find all of the articles written by Antietam Park Rangers. They are organized into three categories: articles about the Battle of Antietam, articles about Antietam after the battle, and articles about Antietam National Battlefield today.

Articles about the Battle

Antietam: A Battle for Freedom, by Dan Vermilya

Antietam Generals: Truman Seymour, by Dan Vermilya

Soldier Stories: Captain Allen Zacharias, 7th Michigan, by Dan Vermilya

Baptized by Fire: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, by Dan Vermilya

For the Colors: Flags at Antietam, by Keith Snyder

The Dunker Church, by Alann Schmidt

Terrain at Antietam, by Mannie Gentile

Antietam After the Battle

Remembrance of the Fallen, by Alann Schmidt

FDR: A Presidential Visit, by Mike Gamble

The Early History of the Battlefield, by Brian Baracz

Presidential Visits to Antietam, by John Hoptak

President McKinley's speech at the Dedication of the Maryland Monument, by Dan Vermilya

"Our Hearts Were Touched with Fire": Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. on Memorial Day, by Dan Vermilya

Antietam Today

Battlefield Wish, by Keith Snyder

Memorial Day Weekend at Antietam National Cemetery, by Dan Vermilya

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  1. Looking for any existing photos on the Massachusetts 13 infantry who fought in this battle.